A way to really experience our unique lifestyle is to stay at one of the islands accommodations. All property is privately owned so no camping is permitted without the owner’s permission.


Inned of the Rainbow

Inn of the Rainbow

The beautiful Inned of the Rainbow B&B, known for its unbeatable hospitality, provides comfortable accommodation with breathtaking views.

 Pictou Island Escape

Pictou Island Escape

Private cottage rentals are also available, such as the picturesque Cape Cod and Beach House at Pictou Island Escape.


 Pictou Island Wooden Tents

Wooden Tents Campground Wooden Tents Campgroundis perfect for those who love the great outdoors, without having to lug all the camping gear.

 Pictou Island Yurts

Pictou Island Yurts

The Pictou Island Yurts offer an off-grid experience, with all the amenities, perched on an unbelievable white sand beach.



Vineyard Loft 

Vineyard Loft - Wooden Tents

The Vineyard Loft gives a truly unique experience: to rent the entire upper floor loft looking out over the vineyard for a week.