Although the island is small, we do have some community services. Public wi-fi is available at the community center or you can visit our Island Market


The Community Center

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Located near the center of the island, beside the Fire Department, the center serves as a place for meetings and events, as well as in the summer months, the NS Community Technology Center access point. The center has a small library, free accessible wi-fi, computer and printing access, as well as crafts and activities for kids.  It also has one of the three public outhouses on the island.

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The site was where a one-room schoolhouse was built in 1874, after the first schoolhouse (built in the mid 1800s) burnt down. The schoolhouse was so small that not everyone enrolled could attend at the same time and a second teacher was hired in 1937 due to overflow of students. At it’s peak, 60 students were enrolled. In 1958, the schoolhouse was replaced with the current school building, designed by William West of Hopewell. Unfortunately, enrollment dropped, causing its closure in 1971. The community turned it into a community center, and in 1985 it was also used again as a part-time school.

In 1991 a teacher would spend half of the semester on the island and taught primary to grade 6. Middle school and high school children did correspondence and then would move to the mainland for grades 11 and 12. The center was used as a school in the fall and winter months and used as a community center in the summer months. When the children no longer lived on the island, it was once again used as a community center year-round.




Pictou Island Fire Department

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Located near the center of the island, beside the Community Center, the department is made of seasonal and year-round volunteers that supply fire prevention and firefighting services. The fire department has routine training and weekly meetings in the summer as well as first responder training in the spring or fall. To know more about their training, directors and minutes check out the Pictou Island Fire Department (PIFD).