The island is truly a remote place. Please keep safety in mind during your trip as the island has limited resources and emergency access is difficult.

Island Layout


In case of an emergency call 911. There are trained volunteer first responders on the island.

It takes 45 minutes to transport you to a mainland ambulance and paramedics by boat and potentially the same by air. Both services are heavily reliant on weather and can take longer in bad conditions.


Road Safety

The main road is used by vehicles, ATV’s, bicycles, pedestrians, animals and the plane.

The posted speed limit is 40km/h but for safety, slow down when approaching others. Be alert, as there are many hidden driveways and kids playing.

Please do not drive under the influence.


Fire Safety

Due to the limited resources of the fire department there are no open fires permitted on the island.

The island has dense woods and dry fields, a small out of control fire has the potential to wreak havoc on the whole island.


Plane Zone Safety

The mail plane lands in a zone marked by pylons on the main road. It can land at any time and in either direction. When in the plane landing zone, look up and listen. If you hear or see the plane, vacate the zone immediately.


Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is abundant on Pictou Island in the form of climbing and low spreading vines. The most common identifier of poison ivy are it’s shiny, waxy leaves which grow in groups of three.

Take precautions when near poison ivy: Wear protective clothing, stick to known paths, wash any clothes or objects that come in contact with the plant, remember that pets can transfer the effects of the plant.

If you suspect you have come into contact with poison ivy, have a cold shower immediately and wash wish dish soap. This will remove the plant oil from your skin.


Water Safety

There are no lifeguards or water rescue equipment on the island. Keep watch out for strong riptides and undertows and stick to beaches safe for swimming.

Do not swim where there are big rocks covering the coastlines, it is easy to get trapped between the rocks as the waves come in.


Shoreline Safety

The shorelines are filled with rocky cliffs. Stay well back as some can be undercut and unstable. Algae and seaweed can grow on rocks near the water, making them very slippery.


Animal Safety

Although not as many predator species are on Pictou Island as the mainland, we do have a pack of coyotes. They usually steer clear of humans but keep your pet close to you, as bigger birds could sail away with your smaller pets. Also, although many picture seals as playful and friendly, be weary of them as they are not.