Pictou IslandPictou Island is located 7.5 kms from mainland Nova Scotia, in the middle of the Northumberland Strait. The island is truly detached from the mainland, with the only access by boat or plane. There is a Ferry Service and Charter Plane that that people to and from the island.

Originally settled in the early 1800s by Irish and Scottish immigrant who left a legacy of deep-rooted History, self-sufficiency, co-operation, and a keen sense of fun that current Islanders strive to uphold. The island today is home to a community of year-round and seasonal residents, and a haven for many cottagers and visitors.



The island is off the grid, as islanders provide their own power using solar, wind and generators. This unique community posses a strong sense of spirit. We value the pace of life and the tranquility that our island allows.

The island is about reusing, renewing and keeping our footprint as small as we can. We follow the municipal guidelines when it come to waste sorting. We ask that all visitors take their garbage off the island with them in clear bags, labelled with your name and phone number.


This island has many things to see and do. There are many beautiful historic sites, beaches and community services, such as wi-fi access!


There is no public transportation on the island, but you can bring a bike or rent one at the Pictou Island Market. There are also no places to buy food or water, so bring lots with you. However, there is a small store located by the wharf with some needed items and souvenirs. There also are public outhouses available at the Community Center, Dance Hall and John MacCallum Memorial Park.


All land is privately owned, so you cannot camp without owner’s permission. However, there are several places to stay.


We invite the curious and adventurous to explore and learn about our unique island lifestyle, amid our sandstone bluffs, red soil fields and beautiful sandy beaches.