Although the island is small, we offer lots of attractions.


Dance Hall

The Dance Hall

Located near the center of the island and a short trip east of the Community Center. For more than 100 years, it is used for social events such as wedding receptions, music frolics and the annual kitchen party. In 2018, a committee was formed under the Pictou Island Community Association (PICA) to access and restore the structural integrity of the stage, the building itself and to implement further improvements. They have replaced some shingles, installed a second doorway near stage, corrected a bowed wall, install electrical wiring, widened the front steps and extended the deck.

Land for the Dance Hall was purchased in July 1898 from Mary and Isabella McKenzie, for the sum of ten dollars. It was purchased to be used as the site for a public hall, which was erected in the early 1900s. The hall used to hold Saturday night frolics with step-dancing and reels. The music was supplied by Islanders playing many instruments such as piano, fiddle, banjo and guitar.


East End Lighthouse

East End Lighthouse

The skeleton automated structure is located on the southern east end of the island. It can be seen while hiking south from the East End Beach, though accessing the grounds is through private property.

A petition for a lighthouse on the east end was made after a disaster happened in 1849. There was a fight for funding and placement between PEI and NS, with a second petition just to NS was successful and the lighthouse was built in 1854. The building was a square tower with an attached dwelling. This was replaced with a similar looking tower in the 30s. The skeleton towers replaced both the West End Lighthouse and the East End Lighthouse after the mid 20th century.






John MacCallum Memorial Park

Located on the east end of the island, the park is a slice of seaside greenery with a beachfront John MacCallum Memorial Parkshelter, a changing room, an outhouse and several picnic tables, overlooking the East End Beach. The park is open to the public during the day, but fires and camping are not permitted. Note that there are no freshwater facilities on-site and all garbage must be taken home.

The land was donated to the community in 1994 by Shirley MacCallum in honour of her late husband: a native son who left lobstering to become a prominent lawyer and politician.




West End Lighthouse

West End LighthouseThe skeleton automated structure is located on the southern east end of the island. It is up on a cliff overlooking the rocks of the West End Beach and is accessible by the main road.

The lighthouse was built in 1905 in this location so it could be seen by the mainland and PEI. The building was an octagonal wood tower. This was replaced by the skeleton tower near the same time as the East End Lighthouse, after the mid 20th century.








The Wharf

Located on the southern western side of the island, the Wharf is the islands access during ferry or boat transportation. The ferry has a fixed location on the wharf where only it can dock, but docking can be made by boats for a daily fee, payable to the wharfinger. The day to day administration of the Wharf is under the Pictou Island Harbour Authority (PIHA) and there you can the appointed wharfinger information, fee rate, Executive and minutes.