PICA was started in the early 1980's and was incorporated in 1987. At that time, we began the renovations on the “old schoolhouse” that was to become our new community centre.

We hold meetings when necessary to address all issues that are presented that affect the interests of both part-time and full-time residents on the

Membership is open to anyone, over the age of 19, who is a resident or landowner on Pictou Island.

We elect a minimum of seven directors annually, and from this number the officers are chosen by the directors.

We endeavour to hold a fundraising activity during each fiscal year to provide for the operations of our facilities, as well as other programs which we choose to support. Previous fundraising activities have been annual food auctions, pot-luck suppers, quilt greeting cards, and calendars.

In September 2010, the Directors met and assumed responsibility for various portfolios. The allocation of the division of labour was organized by forming committees. There are currently 13 different committees that maintain different parts of the Island: Cemetery, Church, Communications, Dance Hall, Events, Ferry, Garbage & Recycling, Lighthouse, Park, Road, Student, Vehicle, Welcoming.



Executive for 2016 - 2017

PICA Officers:

President - Nancy MacDonald

Vice-President - Bonnie Rankin

Treasurer - Anne Chaldecott

Secretary - Cathy Chesnutt

Directors: Anne Chaldecott, Kay Langille, Nancy MacDonald, Cathy Chesnutt, Susan MacCallum-Whitcomb, Susan Forsyth, John Ross, Albert (Skip) Hamilton, Ed George, Scott MacEwan, Rob Boudreau, and Bonnie Rankin

The PICA Committees Heads for 2016-17 are as follows:

Cemetery – Colin Whitcomb

Church – Colin Whitcomb

Communications - Corinne Cameron

Dance Hall – Not yet Created

Events - Vacant

Ferry – Michael Gardner

Garbage & Recycling – Gretchen Maguire

Lighthouse – Ed George

Park – Susan MacCallum-Whitecomb

Road – Kay Langille

Student - Anne Chaldecott

Vehicle – Anne Chaldecott

Welcoming – Not yet created