New Brochures Released

July 26 - The island saw several new pamphlets introduced for visitors. The standard Pictou Island brochure was revamped with a changed design and informational updates. A safety brochure was also created in collaboration with the Pictou Island Volunteer Fire Department. This brochure comes with an insert about identifying and dealing with poison ivy.

First Annual Church Concert

July 18 - the Church Committee would like to thank everyone on the island who played a role in both making improvements to the church and in the success of the concert this past year.   To everyone who bought a raffle ticket for the church raffle that raised over $4000, or helped renovate and clean the church during the community work party to all of you who bought a ticket or played in the band, our sincere appreciation. The committee is looking at ways to encourage further use of the Church in 2016 and beyond and we have prepared a new brochure as a sales tool to help us in this capacity.  Our goal is to have at least one concert, one art event and one religious service.  Suggestions are welcome.



Potluck 2015

July 4 - Our summer potluck supper was well attended with lots of delicious food on the menu. The potluck raised $330. We traditionally donate proceeds from this potluck to a local charity, and this year it was decided to make a donation to the Pictou West Food Bank. Thanks to all who participated in this annual event.

Structure for Island Hearse in Process of Being Built

A structure is currently in the process of being built to house the island hearse, which is culturally significant to our local history. The hearse was previously stored in a shed, and the new structure will do a much better job of displaying and protecting this important piece of our heritage. 


Pictou Island Merchandise for Sale

In 2014 a new line of Pictou Island merchandise was released and sold at the local community centre. This included t-shirts, hoodies, hats, calendars, posters, cards, and more. Much of the merchandise, such as the cards photographed below, was oriented around the Pictou Island quilt that was recently completed by island women. Sales went incredibly well, earning a profit of $1874 by the end of the summer. All remaining goods are available for purchase at the Pictou Island market next to the wharf, and cards are being sold at the community centre. 


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