Pictou Island Memorandum of Association

At the upcoming PICA meeting there will be a revision of the Pictou Island Memorandum of Association, specifically around the understood definition of a resident. If you wish to contribute to making changes to the memorandum, please fully read the following link: Memorandum of Association 

Fire Department News

The Pictou Island Volunteer Fire Department, in its attempt to be proactive and encourage participation in fire fighting and First Responder training, has initiated a regular weekly meeting on Sundays at 11am. Attendance has varied, but the objective is being met as several new people have received valuable instruction on using the available equipment. 
The Department is also in the process of acquiring a new fire truck and of cleaning up the Fire Hall. In addition, a campaign has been launched to promote safety on the island. New signs and brochures have been posted / distributed to meet this objective.
A First Responder In-service is scheduled for Friday, August 28, 2015 

Summer Yoga on the Island

Island residents and visitors enjoyed another succesful summer of yoga on the island. There was excellent attendance at each of the morning sessions being held outdoors on the helipad behind the community centre. What an idyllic setting for such an exercise! Thanks to both yoga instructors, Rachael MacLean and Mary Ormond.



Food Auction 2015

August 8 - This year’s food auction was a great success, with many mouth watering items up for  sale. A big thank you to our talent auctioneer Chris Stafford, who did an amazing job with lots of humour and energy. We raised a record breaking $4002. Congratulations to all participants!