Harbour Authority

Harbour Authority

The Pictou Island Harbour Authority (PIHA) was created under the mandate of the Department of Fisheries - Small Crafts and Harbours in the early 2000’s. The Harbour Authority is responsible for the day to day administration of the Island harbour facilities, the collection of annual and daily usage fees, dock and floating dock maintenance, winch operation and inspections.

The day to day operation is managed by the harbour manager, Gretchen Maguire (752-6658)

The present Executive consists of:

  • Chair - Chris Stafford
  • Vice-Chair - Ken Banks
  • Treasurer - Bill MacMillan
  • Secretary - Gretchen Maguire
  • Board of Directors: Chris Stafford, Bill MacMillan, Ray Docker, David Harding, Ken Banks, Ian Reid, Al MacDonald





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Harbour Authority