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Garbage & Recycling

We have a three-tiered disposal system on Pictou Island. All systems are funded by the Municipality of Pictou County and administered by PICA.

The first is a recycling depot, located at the west-end wharf. Items are to be sorted and packaged according to the guidelines used by mainland recycling facilities. A list of what is acceptable is located at the depot. The recyclables are taken to the mainland twice a year, spring and fall. No other garbage of any kind is to be left at the depot, inside or out !

The second system is a dumpster located at the Caribou Ferry Wharf, just beside where the Pictou Island ferry lands. This container is to hold all garbage not acceptable for recycling. It must be double bagged and not leaking when put aboard the ferry. People are responsible for loading their own garbage on and off the ferry. 

The third system is an annual “Garbage Barge”. This involves a barge stacked with municipal dumpsters which docks at the west-end wharf for two days each summer. Residents and/or landowners are asked to bring those items that will not fit in regular garbage bags ( stoves, fridges, barbeques, tires, etc.) to the wharf at the specified time to be systematically loaded on to the barge. The dates for this removal will be announced each spring.